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CASH OUT 110 ->Mar 1 2022 by T**r
CASH OUT 1,018 ->Jun 13 2021 by o**h
CASH OUT 999 ->Jun 13 2021 by h**s
CASH OUT 8,870 ->Jun 13 2021 by s**e
CASH OUT 7,000 ->Jun 13 2021 by d**h
CASH OUT 130 ->May 17 2021 by p**o
CASH OUT 220 ->May 10 2021 by f**n
CASH OUT 30,000 ->Apr 28 2021 by S**9
CASH OUT 338,960 ->Apr 20 2021 by r**e
CASH OUT 97,880 ->Apr 20 2021 by r**e
CASH OUT 6,060 ->Apr 19 2021 by f**5
CASH OUT 600 ->Apr 19 2021 by f**5
CASH OUT 220 ->Apr 7 2021 by j**s
CASH OUT 300 ->Oct 13 2019 by E**l
CASH OUT 210 ->Jun 11 2019 by f**y
CASH OUT 190 ->May 21 2019 by r**h
CASH OUT 190 ->May 19 2019 by d**g
CASH OUT 130 ->May 8 2019 by d**y
CASH OUT 200 ->Apr 29 2019 by S**9
CASH OUT 190 ->Apr 9 2019 by k**m
CASH OUT 250 ->Apr 9 2019 by k**a
CASH OUT 720 ->Apr 9 2019 by B**s
-JACKPOT 660- ->Apr 9 2019 by B**s
CASH OUT 200 ->Apr 5 2019 by l**n
CASH OUT 200 ->Apr 1 2019 by j**n
CASH OUT 210 ->Feb 1 2019 by S**g
CASH OUT 310 ->Jan 27 2019 by H**g

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  • How does this work?

    When you sign up to register, you will be credited with 100 "DIME" assets to your account. At any time you may cash out to receive these assets to your Ravencoin wallet address and may re-deposit them back at any time. If you get tired of playing slots and still have some assets remaining, you may transfer them to the jackpot fund. Lastly, if you enjoyed playing and would like to continue, you can instantly receive 200 more "DIME" assets by clicking the 'Deposit' button and sending 10 Ravencoins to the generated address after clicking the 3rd Deposit option.

  • What kind of slot machine is this?

    This is a 3-reel slot machine with 20 stops for each reel. Instead of using numbers to randomly choose a symbol, each wheel spin simulates rotation and will stop at the corresponding crypto-symbol where a single payline determines the outcome. Adding another reel or two and increasing the paylines like slot machines today will be something to consider in the future.

  • Can I verify these transactions?

    Yes. A transaction ID is recorded whenever a player registers to receive their first 100 "DIME" assets, cashes out, deposits them, or purchasing extra "DIME" assets. It will appear in your history transaction log and these transaction ID's can be searched in any Ravencoin asset blockchain viewer.

    -Update- Recent Winnings section will list notable winners with recorded Transaction ID's and correct timestamps but with player's anonymized usernames.

  • How does the jackpot work?

    For each player that spins this machine, a percentage of the bet will be added to the jackpot. This will progressively grow until all 3 jackpot symbols are achieved and the size of the jackpot is determined by the betting amount. If a player wins with the highest betting amount, the entire jackpot is awarded.

  • What is the purpose of this experiment?

    This experiment is to examine how assets could be used in one of many use case scenarios but more importantly how quickly assets can be tracked throughout the Ravencoin network. This data can then be used to observe transaction IDs, fine-tune transaction fees, or have a go spending some "DIME" assets without guilt!

  • What are "DIME" assets?

    I created "DIME" assets for this experiment as credits. Ravencoin's blockchain technology allows users to create assets in ways that we're just beginning to scratch the surface. They can range from rewards systems, gifts, software licensing, utility tokens, real-estate properties, video games, tokenizing work-hours etc.. the possibilities are many.

  • Does it cost fees to move assets?

    Yes but very, very little. The amount of fees for each transaction is determined by many factors such as the size of each transaction, number of inputs, the age of the transaction sent, etc.. This eventually results in a fee amount that varies from transaction to transaction. For this experiment I pay for all the fees.

  • What is Ravencoin?

    In everyday terms Ravencoin is a type of cryptocurrency that allows the transfer of funds/assets between parties with blistering speed. It was developed from the original Bitcoin source code and launched on January 3rd, 2018 as an open source fork. On November 5th, 2018 Ravencoin initialized it's asset creation feature for public use. On November 7th, 2019 Ravencoin surpassed 10 million RVN's burned to date with 21,784 assets created!


    Recent Updates
    == Setember 9th, 2022==
    *402 victumz, MUAHAHAHA.

    == April 4th, 2021 ==
    *New participants after 275 users.

    == April 2nd, 2021 ==
    *Last jackpot snapshot 7695.

    == March 31st, 2021 ==
    *Blockchain up-to-date.

    == March 30th, 2021 ==
    *Updated nodes to

    == March 29th, 2021 ==
    *Fixed persistent warnings & bugs.

    == March 28th, 2021 ==
    *Resurrected slot machine experiment again.

    == January 24th, 2020 ==
    *Updated nodes to latest version 3.3.1.

    == October 10th, 2019 ==
    *Added more visual particles for increased interactivity.

    == October 6th, 2019 ==
    *Created log window for transparency upates.

    == October 5th, 2019 ==
    *Clean slate, re-sync all nodes and updated to new blockchain.

    == October 4th, 2019 ==
    *Disabled ravenslots page for extensive back-end maintenance.

    == July 18th, 2019 ==
    *Implemented rotating object animations with collision detection.

    == July 7th, 2019 ==
    *Added 'Winning Section' display below slot machine.

    == April 9th, 2019 ==
    *Updated FAQs again and corrected minor front-end bugs.

    == March 1st, 2019 ==
    *Color corrections and various bug fixes.

    == January 20th, 2019 ==
    *Switched servers for faster propagation.

    == January 4th, 2019 ==
    *Updated FAQs section and implemented history transaction log.

    == December 30th 2018 ==
    *Added FAQs section to front page.

    == December 29th, 2018 ==
    *Enabled HTTPS secure with SSL certificates.

    == December 27th, 2018 ==
    *Slot machine experiment online.

    == December 3rd, 2018 ==
    *First idea for a use-case scenario regarding slot machines in Reddit discussions.

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